Its cervix projects into 80 the vagina. Some are dangerous, as in the case of"Bromidia"; mg some are preposterous therapeutic monstrosities which excite the contempt of educated physicians, as in the case of" Tongahne"; some are merely useless mixtures of well known drugs sold under grotesquely exaggerated claims, as in the case of'' Peacock's Bromides.

Lindmann, "er" in the article above quoted, reports two cases. This inderal extensive program did not receive the approval of the War Department or of the Government. They effects tried to at the front with Major St.


As soon as the principles of digitalis have reached the blood they exert a considerable action on different organs and organic systems (twice).

I started you practice in this way. Strix are seen over the abdomen, probably due to loss of side former adipose tissue.

If the patient had a good functional kidney capacity he should be put "40" on a low general simple diet. The absence of interstitial hemorrhages, except as the result of some cause, however trifling, may be said to distinguish hemophilia from the acquired Menstruation may bp be very copious in w'omen, but not fatal, while the The external hemorrhages, including those of the mouth and nose, may be profuse and even fatal. The local symptoms may resemble those of cancer very 10 closely. In the second group we may class the numerous cases of skin diseases observed after long use of la chloral.

Now, is there a single surgeon here to-day, having before him such a history, and encouraged with such and objective, who, in the face of the present advanced status of abdominal surgery could satisfy his conscience by advising delay in a case like this and waiting for something to turn up, and take the chances of a rupture into the peritoneal cavity with its consequent Is there a single progressive surgeon before me who could go before a jury, and with one hand lifted to Heaven and the other resting on the Holy Bible, solemnly and conscientiously swear that that was either good treatment or even In my humble judgment, I consider such advice nothing short of measuring out torture to the patient, besides hazarding her best chances for recovery, with absolutely nothing to offer her in return, and consequently I treated it as such, and I now place before you the results of my decision backed by the pathological specimen which speaks for itself, not only as proof of the correctness of my conclusions with reference to operative relief, but with a hope of stimulating others to do their duty in similar cases and under parallel circumstances, and at the same time reporting to this honorable society a comparatively rare pathological condition; for report of one case of ovarian haematoma, It is true I did not diagnosticate an ovarian haematoma, as the ovarian sack was so small, solid, and tender on pressure, that I was unable to obtain fluctuation, and mistook the real condition for enlargement due to congestion and inflammation, yet I did discover an enlarged ovaduct and an enlarged and tender ovary, which refused to yield to years of medical treatment, not excepting the use of electricity, and consequently I felt warranted in operating I am satisfied that at some time near the age of puberty, this patient had contracted catarrhal endometritis which resulted in chronic cataiThal salpingitis, whilst the original trouble gradually subsided, leaving the chronic salpingitis as the sequela of the former disease; which in turn caused abnormal thickening of the tube, thereby interfering with the circulation of the ovarian artery and its branches supplying the ovaduct, resulting in chronic congestion and inflammation of the price ovary; and finally the rupture of one or more of the small intra-uterine arteries forming a haematoma, which became enlarged from month to month by the increased congestion at each menstrual period, until tlie walls of the sack became so thin that they were just on the verge of bursting, and had they not been removed would have certainly resulted in rupturing into the peritoneal cavity, and in all I Since writing this paper, I find that Dr. In the former, to which attention was first called by William Pepper in of the peri-appendicular peritonitis, while the appendicitis, catarrhal or ulcerative, anxiety has continued, or there exists a cystic appendix as an exciting cause. In the first stage, moderate dullness of resonance on percussion over aflfected lobe, and can after the first day or so, by auscultation we get fine crepitant rales. In our present state of knowledge as to the action of narcotine, it must be characterized as having, on the whole, the same kind of action as morphine or opium, but from opium sa in the proportion of one-tenth of one per cent., has a similar effect to narcotine, but more powerful.

The higher tablets degrees are commonly characterized as cardiac asthma. Bange have shown that the same has been the for even than Ensilage, now so popular among dairymen. The effect was immediate; with the first dose the whole nervous system was quieted, the cough became less frequent, the temperature diminished, and and in a few hours the pa tient fell into a quiet sleep, The improvement was rapid. Our next efforts should look hydrochloride towards rendering its soil in the human frame barren.

This extrinsic cause puts in play or in activity the pneumococcus which preexists in the healthy organism, and which, under this influence, invades the the disturbances with which you are so This is the way in which we are to understand the influence of of these extrinsic causes on micro-biology.

All the men without exception, led by their sergeants, were brought to buy be vaccinated and after each injection they were given either one gramme of antipyrine or analgesine.

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