Rundschau,) a case in which iodine collodion painted over a last large surface was followed by gangrene of the skin and sloughing. Thus, from the wealthy and middle classes of this community, I have tabs brought to light more than twice as many cases of diabetes, most of them recent, as have been treated in the Pennsylvania Hospital for fifty years.

Civilization in its biolo gical and spiritual st-20 aspects is thus at first negatively a process of reduction or subordination of the individuation mechanisms and products that have been born out of the rigors and hardships during the past incarnation-process. At present there was not only the building dilliculty, buy but tlio diminishing birth-rate meant a scarcity of teaching material. The dispute might eventually mg go to the Commissioners, who would appoint a tribunal of two doctors and a lawyer to inquire into it. The students at the time the amendments were before the Legislature were incensed at the action of the Board at its last session when applicants from this College were rejected on account of of the members to the Faculty, and fearing that in future examinations the students of this College would be vicarious sufferers for such animosity, petitioned the Legislature to exempt the graduates of the two State institutions from.the A committee of the students waited upon the Dean and requested the co- operation of the Faculty in their movement, but were plainly and positivelj' told that the College was committed to, and believed in the principles of the law, and therefore could not aid them in their attempt to abolish it or to get its students exempted from its operations: erectafil-5. This valuable property is now under tablets the direction of the New York State Conservation Commission, and it is destined, we hope, to have a new era of We come, then, to the privately owned spring resorts where balneologic or hydrotherapeutic treatment, or both, is given.

Thomas Keith's operations in this department: makes.


The pulsating heart is seen, especially the dark ventricles, the outline of the venae cavae and of the pulmonary artery, and under favorable conditions the lighter tadalafil right auricle. There is, is there not, a general scarcity of qualified medical men? The medical schools have been empty or comparativelj' empty for the last four years; and, coupled with the scarcity of doctors, there are greatly improved prospects both in civil employment in the United Kingdom and elsewhere and also iu man takes up an appointment as a side lieutenant in the l!oy-il a year, whereas when he joins the Indian Medical Service is undoubtedly a great improvement iu the prospects of The second point is that I. The glass cylindrical speculum, bevelled long off at the inner end, coated with tin foil, and covered with india rubber, is a very portable and simple instrument, of facile use; and which, I believe, will meet the most frequent necessities of the general practitioner. 20 - the circulation may be hindered, but if it be not practically entirely arrested, a feeble nourishment goes on, sufficient at least to prevent It is to be observed that both in venous and arterial thrombosis, especially the latter, the clots are often discontinuous. In the case of the chemical caustics, unfortunately for progress in the treatment of the disease, the unqualified reviews condemnation of the manner of their exploitation has repeatedly prevented educated surgeons from learning how to use them and excluded a scientific study of their It is a remarkable fact that, so far as"cancer cures" relate to the local treatment of the disease, they have almost invariably been found to consist of arsenic, zinc, or the alkaline caustics. The motion authorizing the Insurance Acts Committee to request an independent arbitration board in the event of the (fovernment offer being deemed inadequate was then put to the meeting and carried effects by a large majority. After several days of this torture dog and kitten came together: review. For officers requiring treatment special arrangements have been made lor their accommodation at hotels, etc., in the town: black. It has been found successful, according to the author of this statement, in every case in who which it has been tried. The only difference of opinion on this subject for a number of years has been the particular course taken by these casks in their long journey across the Polar Sea, though the voyage 40 of to the satisfaction of all interested.

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